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Please read the FAQ #2 before considering purchasing this game!

Infinique is a procedurally generated puzzle game where you collect special items known as "Artifacts". These artifacts change the game in some way once you collect them, these changes may be for the better or for the worse.

What is currently in the game?

Currently the game has a working procedural generation system, a tutorial level demonstrating artifact effects, and puzzle completion. I'm constantly working on more features, too! You can keep up with development in the community discussions on Itch, and I'll occasionally post about it on Twitter.

What will be in the game when it's finished?

The exact list of features depends on a lot of factors, but here is a list of things I'd like to have in the finished game.

  • Fully procedural level and puzzle generation system to make each play-through unique
  • Simple stylized graphics that should run on even low-end devices
  • Large number of unique artifacts, and effects they can create
  • Custom non-random "Story" mode (Series of increasingly difficult levels/puzzles)
  • Some form of modding support (user created levels, etc)
  • Support for the following platforms:
    • PC (Windows/Linux/Mac OS X*)
    • Web (HTML5)
    • Mobile (Android, iOS*)
    • Maybe some consoles?*

*Support for Apple products and consoles will depend on the costs and other restrictions to develop for these platforms


  • (#1) When will this game be available?
    • The honest (and admittedly canned) answer is "When it's done", however I'd like to have a playable alpha/beta out this summer, and the game released by this winter. Don't hold your breath though, these are only rough estimates!
  • (#2) Why can I pay for this game if there is no content yet?
    • This comes from a limitation on Itch where I cannot disable payment and upload files for testers without them being publicly available. You are free to purchase and play the game now, and you will keep the game forever. However I make no guarantee of when content will come, nor that any content will ever exist. By purchasing the game at any time you're purchasing it as is.
    • Note that the game will increase in price as development continues, however purchasing the game at any time will give you the game forever (E.g. by purchasing the game during pre-alpha you will get alpha, beta, and release updates for free). The planned prices are (Subject to change at any time):
      • Pre-Alpha: $6 USD
      • Alpha: $7 USD
      • Beta: $8 USD
      • Full release: $8 USD
  • (#3) Will you support ___ platform?
    • Maybe! I'd like to make the game available in as many places as possible, but what hardware/software I own and the ease of development (Unity support) for that platform will be the determining factors.
  • (#4) Will the game support ___ language?
    • Hopefully! I hope to work with the community to translate the game into as many languages as possible.


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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Pre-Alpha 1p3b1 (Tutorial) 17 MB
Version 1p3b1